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The Future of Justice Begins with Her

One of the most well-known and popular comic book characters of all time finally hits the big screen in this summer’s “Wonder Woman”.  Opening in the Amazonian World of Themyscira, Diana is a young girl eager to join the rankings of her fellow women.  Forwarding through her youth, Diana begins to train in-preparation for the inevitable War against Ares.  As she continues to improve, to the dislike of her mother, she begins to discover more about herself; until one day, a pilot crash-lands a plane though the barrier, exposing Themyscira.  With the Great War at its door, the Amazonians battle faithfully, but sustain heavy losses.  Deciding to let the pilot live, Diana truly believes that Ares is the culprit and this is the War that was promised, so she leaves Themyscira to kill Ares and end the War.  The rest of the film follows her pursuit of evil and her quest for righteousness that truly makes her Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot stars as Diana, our beloved Wonder Woman.  As we saw in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”, Gadot is tremendous in the role.  Her beauty is surpassed by her complete and total commitment to the characters.  Chris Pine starts as the pilot of crash-lands in Themyscira, Steve Trevor.  Pine and Gadot share an unmistakable chemistry, adding more intrigue and entertainment to the film.  Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira, is played by Connie Nielsen.  Robin Wright plays Diana’s aunt and the strongest warrior of Themyscira, Antiope.  Danny Huston plays one of the higher-ups in the German army with a sinister plan to win the War, Ludendorff.  David Thewlis plays Sir Patrick, a high-ranking official in the British army.  Saïd Taghmaoui, Ewen Bremner, and Eugene Brave Rock play Steve’s close friends, Sameer, Charlie, and The Chief.  Lucy Davis plays Steve’s assistant, Etta.  Elena Anaya plays Dr. Maru, better known as “Doctor Poison”.

“Wonder Woman” beautifully-explores her history with a rich story, filled with impressive visuals and a great cast, all while connecting Diana to the present state of the DC Universe.  First, let’s start with the cast.  Gadot excels as the titular characters, stealing each and every scene with her charisma and grace.  Pine too does an excellent job, perfectly bouncing-off of Diana’s “first time” humor.  However, the supporting cast (Wright, Huston, Taghmaoui, Bremner, Brave Rock, and Thewlis) all too have their moments to shine and do-so while advancing the story forward.  Patty Jenkins does a marvelous job assembling these characters, but also exploring each of their own personal battles.  Zack Snyder’s imprint is easily-seen in “Wonder Woman” (as one would expect) with his “slow-motion” aesthetic, but it works for the first time in a while, showcasing the marvelous stunt work and Diana’s equally-impressive talents.  Also on full-display are the film’s stunning visuals.  Unlike the rest of the DCEU (so far), “Wonder Woman” is not shot with an opaque color scale, allowing the colors to be vibrant and appealing.  When talking about the story, “Wonder Woman” makes an excellent connection to the importance of the photograph that Bruce uncovers in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”; and connecting-us to the present time in the Universe before flashing-back to uncover Diana’s upbringing.  As we’ve come to expect with DC films, “Wonder Woman” has truly evil characters and it doesn’t shy-away from showcasing the brutality and destruction like some other superhero franchises have in the past.  The film’s biggest issue is its final ¼, which gets a bit messy and sacrifices storytelling for special effects-driven scenes.  However, it is only this issue that that holds “Wonder Woman” from becoming one of the best comic book films yet, but it is still an awesomely-entertaining thrill ride that hooks-you as soon as it starts!  “Wonder Woman” has a run time of 141 minutes which fly-by as we explore all aspects of Diana that make her the hero she is today.  DC’s cinematic universe started a bit rocky with “Man of Steel”, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, and “Suicide Squad”, but thanks to Patty Jenkins’ outstanding direction and storytelling abilities, “Wonder Woman” is the film that everybody has been waiting for and it’s going to put Warner Brothers’ DC Universe back-on-track!

“Wonder Woman” follows the story of Diana, princess of Themyscira, as she grows and reaches-out to discover her true life’s meaning.  The film features plenty of action, visually-stunning sequences, a superb cast, and complex story!  If you are heading to the movies this weekend, travel to Themyscira and go see “Wonder Woman”!! 


WONDER WOMAN is rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, and some suggestive content, in theaters JUNE 2ND!

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