X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX by Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



James McAvoy- Charles Xavier

Sophie Turner- Jean Grey

Jennifer Lawrence- Raven/Mystique

Michael Fassbender- Magneto

Sophie turner completes her metamorphosis in the latest X-Men film “Dark Phoenix”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix starts out with the origin story of Jean Grey, a child born with extreme telekinetic abilities and unable to control them. Young Jean argues with her parents about the music playing in the car, then a rush of voices fill her head and she yells,” Quiet!”. This command renders her mom unconscious, and she was driving, causing them to hit a truck head on. Jean’s parents were killed but she emerges unharmed.

The doctors call in Charles Xavier to take the young girl to his school for “gifted” kids so that Jean may learn to harness her abilities.

A flash forward brings us to the events that immediately followed the X-Men taking down Apocalypse and saving the world.  Charles Xavier, relishing in the new found acceptance of mutants, is dispatching his team of heroes on more and more dangerous missions at the behest of the President and other World Leaders. The latest such mission was to save some astronauts on a shuttle disabled by a solar flare. The X-Men, led by Mystique and Beast (Nicholas Hoult), save the crew but on the last rescue Jean is forced to absorb the power of the solar flare to save the team. The power from the flare further complicates her ability to control her powers.

Xavier has also been hiding things from his student. Following a medical check, Jean reads Charles’ mind and finds out he has lied to her for years and her father is alive! Grey pays him a visit only to find a resentful man who blames his child for the death of his wife. Jean loses control leveling the house, taking down the police and routing the members of the Xmen. Jean escapes with the X-men and Magneto and his mutant team on her trail only to team up with a group that has been tracking the energy source Grey has absorbed.

These strangers turn out to be aliens in search of a power source they can use to destroy the planet and see jean as the weapon they need.

Dark Phoenix is a very lackluster film in the X-men franchise. There is little character development for the new faces we see in the film and some of the characters from the last film (Psylocke and Moira McTaggert) are missing in action? Also, there is no appearance by Wolverine. Bottom line you can only take so much whining by Sophie Turner’s mutant teen character.


Flickanalysis grade: 2/5