Vin Diesel is back from the dead as adrenalin junkie Xander Cage in XXX:The Return of Xander Cage!

“X takes care of it’s own”

Augustus Gibbons (Samuel Jackson) is back at it again recruiting extreme athletes to work in his covert special forces team, XXX. While having lunch with soccer star Neymar, a satellite crashed into the restaurant supposedly killing them both.

Jane Marke (Toni Collette), head of the CIA, briefs her team that they are dealing with “Pandora’s box”, a device that locates satellite orbiting the earth and crashes them to earth to a precise location like a missile. The meeting is disrupted by a team of extreme athlete’s (Donnie Yen, Deepika Padukone and Tony Ja) that take the box. Marke has to find someone that can walk through a hurricane and can get the box back and avenge Gibbons’ death.

We find Xander Cage (Diesel) laying low in the Dominican Republic stealing electronics for the local bar to get satellite feeds for the locals to watch soccer. Cage is XXX, so his escape is breath taking, from down hill skiing through the jungle to break neck skateboarding down the crowded highways. Marke tries to set him up, only to have Cage laugh at the attempt. She tell him Gibbons is dead and the mission is to get Pandora’s box back.

The CIA assembles a team os soldiers that Cage throws out of a plane, telling Marke “X takes care of its own”. Cage gets his people together staring with animal activist and sniper Adele (Ruby Rose), crash specialist Tennyson Torch (Rory McCann) and DJ Nicks (Kris Wu) to get back the stolen box. Cage travels to London to get his fur coat back and has the thieves location in less than 48 hours.

Cage and the XXX team are off to an island rave in the Philippines’. Cage is greeted by Xiang (Yen) and after a fight with the Russian army, Cage realizes that the thieves are actually XXX members as well. Pandor’’s box is destroyed, but another satellite still falls. Xander realizes that they found a prototype.
Becky (Nina Dobrev), CIA coms specialist, locates the signal and send the team after the real box and into a meeting with the real bad guys. It wouldn’t be XXX without a twist and backstabbing government agent.

XXX:The Return of Xander Cage is an adrenaline rush of a movie! Cage jumps out of planes without a parachute, has motorcycle chases in the ocean and lots of guns and explosions! WOW!!!!

I am Karl the Flick Fanatic letting you know that XXX:The Return of Xander Cage is a 2 hour thrill ride of a film!

Running time 110 mins
Rated PG-13 (Language and violence)


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