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Zoolander 2 is all cameos and no content!

America’s top super model that coined strike a pose with his stupid-stare “Blue Steel”, Derek Zoolander is back in ”Zoolander 2”, the sequel to the 2001 comedy. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson return as Derek and Hansel, the roles they originated.

In Zoolander 2, someone is killing all of the world pop stars. The film starts with two mysterious gunman on motorcycles that chase down and kill Justin Bieber outside of Sting’s house. Valentina (Penelope Cruz), the leader of Interpol’s fashion police division, knows to crack the case she must find Derek Zoolander.

In the 15 years that has passed, Derek married Matilda (Christina Taylor) and had a son Derek Jr. Zoolander also built Matilda a library in the shape of a book, that collapsed on her killing her and also damaged Hansel’s face forcing him to hide behind a mask.

Derek, forced to raise his toddler son on his own, even though Zoolander has less of an IQ than his son. The authorities take Derek Jr away, and Zoolander quits modeling and becomes a “Hermit crab”. That is until Billy Zane shows up with a netflix DVD and an invitation to comeback to modeling.

Zoolander is reunited with Hansel (he got the same invitation from Zane) in Italy and then they hook up with Valentina to take down the evil Alexanya Atoz (Kristen Wiig). Atoz has a plan to drink the blood from the “chosen one” (Derek Jr.) and get eternal youth.  Will Ferrell returns asMugatu, the criminal mastermind behind Atoz.

The best thing about Zoo2 is killing Bieber in the first 15 minutes! After that the only thing to keep your attention is the cavalcade of cameos that include Kiefer Sutherland, Susan Sarandon, Ariana Grande, Katy Pery, Olivia Munn, Sting, Kim Kardashian and Demi Lavato

After that Zoolander 2 is just BAD!

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Rating: 1/6

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