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 A Boy’s Search for His Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend.  In “Isle of Dogs”, the latest from Wes Anderson, that is not exactly the case.  Taking place in Japan, dogs have become infected with various sicknesses, such as: snout fever, dog flu, and aggression.  To combat this and to protect the city of Megasaki, Mayor Kobayashi (Kunichi Nomura) establishes an executive order that demands all dogs be sent to Trash Island; including the Mayor’s ward Atari’s (Koyu Rankin) guard dog, Spots.  Here, on Trash Island, we are Continue reading

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Rise Up

It’s been 10 years since the War against the Kaiju ravaged the globe; the Pan Pacific Defense Corps continues to evolve and strengthen the Jaeger program.  Some cities still lay in ruins, littered-with the bones of the dead kaiju and destroyed buildings. Others are prospering and have been rebuilt bigger and better.  People are scouring the Earth for old Jaeger tech and equipment to construct their own, which are kept in highly-secured lots.  “Pacific Rim: Uprising” follows Jake Pentecost (John Boyega), the son of the late Stacker Pentecost and a former PPDC Ranger, who Continue reading


TOMB RAIDER 2018- The Flick Fanatics

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Alicia Vikander is the video game inspired adventurer Lara Croft in the new action film “TOMB RAIDER’.


Alicia Vikander-Lara Croft

Walter Goggins- Mathias Vogel

Dominic West-  Lord Richard Croft

Alicia Vikander has taken over the mantel of Lara Croft in this prequel/reboot of the video game inspired film franchise. This time we are introduced to a younger Lara who has denounced her family fortune out of spite for her father leaving her for an adventure and never returning. Croft pays the bills being a bike messenger. She accepts a challenge of a “fox hunt” where she has to elude the other messengers until a paint bucket runs out to win money to pay her rent. It was a good plan and she was about to win when she ran into a police car landing her in jail.


Ana Miller (Kristin Scott Thomas), family friend running the Croft Foundation since Richard’s disappearance, walks in to bail Lara out. Lara agrees to come and sign the papers the transfer the company to her so that the family doesn’t lose everything. Part of Richard’s will was a puzzle the Lara solved releasing a key. The key opened a secret room under the family crypt where Richard had been working on solving the mystery of Himiko.

Himiko was the Japanese goddess of death, reportedly able to kill with a touch. She was buried alive in a tomb that was hidden from the world on an uncharted island in the far east. Richard had tapes, maps and journals documenting his research and the location of the tomb. On his video he tells Lara to destroy all his notes so they don’t fall into the hands of the evil corporate raiders of Trinity. Lara combs through the research and sets off to Japan to find out what happen to her father.

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Be A Warrior

After 2003’s made-for-television movie, Madeleine L ‘Engle’s beloved “A Wrinkle in Time is finally brought to the big screen with the talented Ava DuVernay at the helm.  The film opens as a young father (Chris Pine) is showing his daughter, Meg (Storm Reid), around his laboratory filled-with plenty of cool scientific equipment.  As we learn more, Meg’s father had disappeared one night and it’s been 4 years since; leaving behind Meg, her adopted brother with an incredible IQ Charles Wallace (Deric McCabe), and their mom (Gugu Mbatha-Raw).  On the 4th anniversary of Continue reading

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GRINGO review

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Chances Are This Won’t End Well

Nash Edgerton’s directorial debut, “Gringo”, follows a middle-level pharmaceutical representative as he attempts to give his all for his company.  Stuck in a rut, Harold Soyinka (David Oyelowo) sees his life as he knows it crumbling around him.  His wife, Bonnie (Thandie Newton), is becoming increasingly-distant and his company looks to be merging with another conglomerate.  After an unsuccessful trip to their manufacturer in Mexico Continue reading